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15 Sexy Ladies: Sports WAGs To Watch In 2010


After looking back at the hottest WAGs of the decade and of 2009, it's time to look forward. We can still appreciate that Marisa Miller dated Dale Jr. in 2002 or that Andy Roddick married Brooklyn Decker in 2009, but that's old news.

So here are the women that have either started dating an athlete recently, whose significant others are poised to have a big year, or they're just so hot it's almost guaranteed that they'll be a household name next year.


With the 2010 Winter Olympics approaching, certain athletes that aren't as visible the other three years in between are back in the public eye, which means their girlfriends are too.

Take Bode Miller, the badboy of American skiing has been dating Lange model Amanda Jean French. Obviously, as a Lange girl, we know that she looks good in skiwear, so I'll be looking for her to be cheering on Bode on a hill somewhere.


Carrie Underwood has been dating Mike Fisher for a while, but today it was announced that the hockey player just proposed to her.

This isn't a surprise (I hinted at it in my last WAG article), but a wedding in the future means a big boost to Underwood and especially Mike Fisher. He may not be a household name now, but when his pictures start showing up on Us Weekly, it'll be a different story.


Another hottie that I hope will be a big part of the Winter Olympics is Summer Spiro. The blond beauty is the girlfriend of the multi-talented Shaun White, who will be shredding up the Olympics for a second time.

Spiro is not just a pretty face. She's a musician who has a band with her sister Ruby called—wait for it—Ruby Summer. All I know is that I would much rather look at her than listen to her music. And Shaun White can help with that.


2010 will be a very big year for Tanith Belbin. The sexy ice dancer is not only rising up the hot athlete charts like a comet, but she's also rumored to be dating fellow figure skater Evan Lysacek, making them the couple of the Winter Olympics.

Belbin is a true double threat. I would be happy seeing her in tiny little bedazzled outfits as much as in a revealing dress. Although I would like to see her add swimsuits or lingerie to her repertoire to become a triple threat.


Although we see her messing around with a soccer ball (and really, high heels are the best shoes to do that), Ms. Lopyreva is more interested in hockey, specifically the games that her boyfriend Alexander Ovechkin is involved in.

Wow, she is bangin'. I would have her way higher, but until people start actually caring about hockey again, she may end up where she was just ten seconds ago: where you never heard of her.

As if Victoria's Secret wasn't awesome enough, they added another thing that guys love just to make it better: competition. When models compete to be the next angel, we're all winners.

However, one loser was Jamie Lee Darley. She finished as the runner-up. But it's hard to say that a girl who looks like this is ever a loser, especially when she's dating a big soccer star.

2010 will be all about the World Cup and she is dating Sacha Kljestan who plays in the U.S. and graced the U.S. cover of FIFA 10. That's a good combination right there.


I erroneously stated that Nick Swisher was dating Daniela Gamba in my last WAG article. He was at one point, but for the World Series run he was with the beautiful Joanna Garcia.

The former star of CW's Privileged even accompanied Swisher in the victory parade. She's obviously hot, but could stand to do a lot more sexy modeling. Maxim, take note. Garcia is in need of your help.


Binger's big year was 2009, but I'm holding out hope that she'll become even bigger in 2010. We saw the pictures that she accidentally leaked of her boyfriend, Indians' slugger Grady Sizemore, so now it's her turn to release some more pictures while she's still dating an athlete.

And if those two can stay together through such crazy circumstances like she claimed in Twitter, then I'm excited to see what other shenanigans they can get up to.

Jordan Fish was another woman that caught my eye recently. She's a former Bobcats cheerleader (as shown here), but it was her dazzling looks on NASCAR's red carpet that blew up the internet.

With her boyfriend, Denny Hamlin, poised to make a big run at the Cup next year, we could be seeing a lot more of Fish.

The term WAG was coined back in 2006 for all of the wives and girlfriends of the players on Britain's World Cup team. In 2010, they were put in the same draw as the U.S.

Our soccer team is still pretty far behind in quality (and quantity) of WAGs, but one American that has done his part if Landon Donovan. His girlfriend Bianca Kajlich is smokin' hot and will become big news if the U.S. makes a run in the World Cup this year.

Before, we just knew her as "that one gymnast that actually had breasts," but now we can know her by her name, Alicia Sacramone, and as Brady Quinn's girlfriend.

Somehow, Brady Quinn is still big news in the NFL, despite him being the quarterback for one of the most dreadful teams and offenses in the league. But he continues to be a big deal, so I'm assuming that his new girlfriend will be too.


Speaking of quarterbacks who are a big deal even though they haven't really accomplished anything...

Okay, that's a low blow, especially after Romo and the Cowboys broke their December swoon by beating the previously undefeated Saints.

Anyway, whoever Romo is dating is always news, so his new girlfriend, Missouri beauty queen, current sports reporter, and Chase Crawford's sister is the winner of that scrutiny. And with the recent rumors that they might be engaged, I have a feeling this relationship is going to heat up in the media.

If Zach Greinke pitched for the Yankees, he would be the biggest name in baseball. This guy is a legitimate stud, only he pitches in Kansas City. That still hasn't kept him from winning a Cy Young award or, more importantly, getting engaged to former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Emily Kuchar.

Maybe if the Royals stuck Kuchar in the stands like Eva Longoria, they might figure out a way to get some ratings.


Okay, so Minka Kelly was a big deal in 2009, but most of the year was centered around "are they dating?" questions about Derek Jeter. Finally, she was seen attending his games, showed up in pictures with him while wearing a bikini (and looking amazing), and then there were rumors of them being engaged.

Even though the rumors were denied, it'll be interesting to see how Kelly deals with a whole year of dating Jeter out in the open. And I do hope it's more out in the open this year.


It seems likely and almost inevitable now that Woods is going to split with his wife, Elin Nordegren. So that means Tiger will be single in 2010. And with the insatiable appetite for women that we've all heard about, I don't think it will be too long before Tiger finds himself a woman (or two) to date casually.

Whoever she is, whatever she does, the very next woman that Woods ends up being seen with will automatically be the most famous WAG of 2010.

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