Saturday, December 19, 2009

Are You Missing the NFL Network?

Are You Missing the NFL Network?

The NFL Network ran a full-page ad in The Times on Thursday: “Attention Time Warner and Cablevision Customers: You May Be Denied Two Teams Chasing the Perfect Season.”

The Colts-Jaguars game Thursday was dramatic. Did you miss it?

Tonight’s Saints-Cowboys game in New Orleans is another marquee matchup. Can you watch it?

Richard Sandomir of The Times wrote:

The serendipitous scheduling is good for the league’s channel, which carries eight prime-time games a season and a raft of other league-oriented programming. But it has also battled to be seen.

Which brings us back to December 2007, when the New England Patriots were 15-0 and looking to complete their undefeated season against the Giants. There was enormous clamor from fans, and even Congress, that a history-making game could be seen in a universe of 43 million homes. Eventually, NBC and CBS entered to simulcast it.

The result: 34.5 million viewers watched the Patriots win, 13 percent of them from NFL Network homes. A game as important as that one showed the power of broadcast TV. Together, NBC and CBS had 29 million viewers.

Extra point: When should the N.F.L. step in to broadcast its games to a wider audience?

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