Sunday, December 27, 2009

Coke Zero Challenges Facebook Fans

Coke Zero has launched a novelty app for Facebook that lets users find their look-alikes on Facebook. Called Coke Zero Facial Profiler, the app uses advanced facial profiling software to match players against a database of 200,000 faces collected by Coke Zero.

To participate, users grant the profiler app access to their Facebook account via Facebook Connect. The app then searches for the player’s photos that he or she has uploaded to their profile. If there are no photos, one can be uploaded to the app. Once a match is found, the user can learn more about his digital doppelganger based on the individual’s privacy Facebook profile settings.

The app also has a feature called the “Match Bank,” where users can rate which matches they think are the best. The feedback also helps improve the accuracy of future matches, according to Coke Zero.

Buzz and Fanfare

Coke Zero app is one of countless novelty apps that brands have introduced hoping to make an impression or raise awareness among consumers. The typical trajectory of these apps is that some will generate a huge amount of buzz in the first few days with record setting downloads.

One notable example earlier this year was Sit and Squat, a mobile guide to public washrooms sponsored by the makers of Charmin’ bathroom tissue. It was a huge hit, with 81,000 people downloading the application onto their mobile devices within the first day (via the Toronto Star)

Staying Power

However studies suggest that such novelty apps do not have staying power with fans. For example, apps that provide news or reference services are the most frequently used by consumers over the longest periods of time - and are most suited for subscription-based and ad-supported models. More gimmicky entertainment-related apps are used least for the shortest periods of time and lend themselves to one-time download fees, according to an analysis by Flurry.

Flurry found that news apps, on average, get used more than once per day, at a rate of 11 times per week, writes MarketingCharts.

Facial Profiler may prove to be an exception as it is fun to use and some of the publicized matches are spot on. The Flurry study also provides data that may support a longer run for Facial Profiler. Social Networking apps remain on a consumer’s handset for a long period of time, it found, even if they get used only occasionally. That is because they are perceived as having sustainable value and are revisited over time, Flurry said.

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