Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Diddy: “I Hope President Obama Adopts Me!”

Diddy Obama? Sean Combs may be all grown up, but he wouldn’t mind having President Barack Obama as a surrogate father.


“I ain’t gonna lie – if God said I could pick one person to be my father, I’d want to be Sean Combs Obama,” the Artist Popularly Known As Diddy told Playboy for their January/February double issue, on newsstands this month. “That’s how dope he is. I hope he reads this interview and adopts me. I wouldn’t even have to be in the will. I got my own money!”

The rap music mogul, 40, also told the mag that he believes hip-hop played a major part in getting Obama to The Oval Office.

“I think we are probably responsible for Obama being in office, yes…The confidence, the swagger we instilled in our communities made that possible,” he said.


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