Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Exercise Bike Clearance

Word “Exercise Bike Clearance” being used for dirty SEO purposes today….How do I know that? If your search web for “Exercise Bike Clearance” you will find on the top of the page, whereas if you search “Exercise Bike Clearance” on you will not be able to find any results.

Now this gave me a feeling that Target hates other online stores, many will think that I must not jump into conclusions so quickly but this is how I feel. I admit that SEO tactics are a good way to increase visitor and sale on your website, however according to my believe has gone too far in the process. I believe we have to draw a line her, though I cannot say for sure that other online stores and retailers are not using SEO spam tactics to increase the ratings and visitors on their website.

The main stream problem about the SEO spam tactics is that Google has allowed on their search

Pointing out the’s SEO strategy Greg Niland said that this SCO trick attract people into thinking that target store is the best and most trusted website for “Exercise Bike Clearance”.

He also said that Google the giant search engine gives preferential treatment to big brand site such as Target.

I may not be a SEO expert, but this wrong and this is just one of thousands of other queries.

Millions of pages appear related to, just imagine if each page generate one visitor to the site each day.

Google must do something about this because Google users deserve higher quality search, whereas small time retailers and online store owners deserve a better chance to surviv

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