Sunday, December 20, 2009

Flights to resume at Logan airport Sunday afternoon — This weekend’s snowstorm canceled hundreds of flights up and down the East Coast, including at Boston’s Logan International Airport.

The airport only received around 6 inches of snow Sunday. However, most airlines decided not to take any chances and canceled nearly all their morning flights.

A few passengers decided to show up to Logan airport anyway.

“I wanna go see my daughter. It’s pretty frustrating in part ‘cause it’s a whole day I’m gonna lose with her, but you got to deal with it,” said Sicily Calouro, whose flight was canceled.

Elin Beck, meanwhile, was left stranded overnight after her flight to St. Paul, Minn., was canceled.

“The guy said to me that if it clears up, they’ll send planes out. There’s just no definite thing going on,” said Becks.

Massport plows and deicers worked overnight to try and keep the runways clear. Yet since the airlines canceled so many flights, only one plow remained active as of Sunday morning.

“The airlines thinning out their schedule, that really helps things. You don’t have that much demand, and you’re able to keep with what the activity is,” said Ed Freni, Director of Aviation Operations at Logan International Airport.

Freni predicts airlines could resume their normal flight schedules at Logan as early as Sunday afternoon. Most airlines have also waived their change fees.

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