Sunday, December 20, 2009

Natalie White Convincingly Wins “Survivor Samoa” 19

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Natalie White convincingly wins “Survivor: Samoa” season 19. Tonight’s 3 hour finale show started off with a brief recap of the entire season. They showed two regular shows. Then, they aired the live reunion show where the winner was announced.

In the first regular show, Russell was still wanting to get Brett out. In fact, everyone wanted Brett out. They immediately headed over to their next immunity challenge,which involved putting a puzzle together. Brett won it again to take immunity for a 3rd consecutive time. Russell decided he wanted to keepNatalie and get rid of Jaison,so he pitched the idea to Mick.

Then, they went to cast their votes. Mick got 1 vote,and Jaison got 3 votes. So Jaison left. He said he was pissed off at Russell for blindsiding him. At this point, Russell tried to make a deal with Brett,saying he would take him to the final 3 if he won, and vice versa.

Then,they did the next immunity challenge, which involved holding a small statue on top of a poll,and they had to add another section of poll without dropping the statue. Whoever dropped the statue first,lost. Russell eventually pulled it out,and sealed his place in the final 3. At this point, Russell was up in the air about voting for Brett.

Next, they casted their votes. Brett got 3 votes, and Mick got 1 vote. Brett handled the defeat well. After that,the remaining three got to have a feast. Russell talked more about how great he is,and started slammingNatalie & Mick’s game play to their face.

Then, Russell,Natalie,and Mick made their final plea to the jury. Russell made some very good points as to why he should’ve won. Next each tribal member asked the three finalist a question, or gave a comment on their game play. After that, the jury casted their votes. Then,they cut into the final live reunion show to read the votes

Natalie got 5 votes, Russell got 2 votes, and Mick got 0 votes. So, Natalie White convincingly upset Russell to win “Survivor: Samoa” 19. They capped off the evening with the live reunion show,which brought all the contestants back to talk about the whole season. They had debates about who was actually the best player,and more. However,in the endNatalie White is still the winner of “Survivor: Samoa” season 19.

Update: Russell ended up winning the Sprint “Player of the Game,” and won $100,000.

Update: The 20th season starts in February,and they’re bringing back 20 of the game’s greatest players. The theme will be “Villains vs Heroes.”

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