Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sarah Thomas and Little Caesars Make History For Women

Sarah Thomas and Little Caesars made history today. Sarah Thomas is the first woman to ever officiate a college football game at the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl on December 26, 2010. Sarah Thomas is a 36 year old wife and mother of 2 young boys, Bridley and Brady.

Sarah Thomas made history at the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl by being one of the highest rated officials during her first season. Sarah Thomas is also a self-described tomboy who grew up in Mississippi.

Sarah Thomas loves her job. That’s probably another reason she made history officiating today’s Little Caesars Pizza Bowl. According to, Sarah Thomas said, “I love the team aspect of officiating. You’re working with a crew and everyone’s contributions are important to make the whole thing work. That’s very rewarding.”

I admire Sarah Thomas for accomplishing another groundbreaking feat for women. I remember when weightlifting was for “boys only” in high school. I petitioned and won the right for girls to participate in weighlifting, too. I was the first to enroll. It began a lifelong love of weightlifting. Soon other girls joined me to get taut abs and tight arms.

Today thanks to Sarah Thomas and other women in sports, girls have greater opportunities in athletic fields than ever before. Why do I suddenly feel like a Little Caesars pizza? If only we had one…

Anyway, here is YouTube video of Football Gameplan Little Caesar Pizza Bowl, Ohio v. Marshall:

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