Wednesday, December 23, 2009

UltraDNS Outage “Multiple Site Down”

This morning, our Dynect Platform monitoring system noticed a problem, a big one. From our global perspective, it appears that many online services, including (the store, AWS, and S3),,, and, had some serious DNS troubles.

As many of our readers know, DNS is the glue that binds domain names, like to their respective server’s IP addresses ( Without DNS, nothing works; no web, e-mail, voip, IM, file sharing, etc.

The Dynect Team quickly began to analyze the situation by checking the resolution chains for these popular web sites. Our analysis revealed that multiple UltraDNS PDNS (a special class of ultradns server) nodes were failing to respond to all DNS queries. clearly knew about the problem, as our monitoring then detected a change in the delegation for from UltraDNS’ PDNS nodes to their UDNS nodes at approximately 8:50 am Eastern.

We continued our analysis by checking our global performance trending system – some graphs showing the problems are below.

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