Monday, January 25, 2010

FLVDirect - Download and play back Movies from youtube and web

flv player

Download and play back Movies 
from the Web

What can YOU do with FLVDirect?

  • FLV Player can be used with a variety of media formats, including MPEG-4 and Flash Video, meaning that you can download and play content from most video sites on the web, including YouTube.
  • With its resizable window, full-screen playback options and customized video search engine, FLV Player is the most user friendly player of its kind.
  • FLV Player comes with no viruses or spyware, and at just 2.12 Mb, it makes for a quick, hassle free download.
  • Unlike other Flash Video players available online, which charge all sorts of download fees, FLV Player is 100% free!

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3 comments: on "FLVDirect - Download and play back Movies from youtube and web"

single moms grants said...

it's avery good player i usually use it as my main player thanks for sharing

gyno examination of female said...

thanks ,richald for sharing this fanastic program ,it looks great ,i'll try it now

Anonymous said...

thank you very much ,i just downloaded it i,also think it's better than my old version .thanks again .have anice day