Friday, January 22, 2010

Mets to acquire Gary Matthews Jr. talking with a team official, the Mets see Gary Matthews Jr. as a back-up, or fall-back position, to Angel Pagan, who the Mets like very much and see as the favorite to win the starting center fielder job in the absence of Carlos Beltran, who is expected to miss most of April while recovering from knee surgery.

However, because Pagan has had a history with being injured, the team felt it necessary to bring in a proven, major-league center fielder, to compete in Spring Training, and, at the very least, act as a fourth outfielder.

The Mets could have signed a free-agent outfielder, for say $2 million per season, or trade for Matthews Jr., who they will also only pay $2 million per season. But, they were not satisfied with the current crop of free-agent outfielder, and so they chose to make the trade instead.

Updated at 11:45 am:

In a report for, about the trade, Jon Heyman points out that the Angels did express interest in Mets RHP Brian Stokes earlier in the off season, which is not to say he is necessarily in this deal.

Updated at 11:33 am:

The Mets are acquiring Gary Matthews Jr. from the Angels, according to Jon Heyman at

Heyman said on SNY that he believes Matthews and Angel Pagan will compete in Spring Training to be the team’s Opening Day center field.

Jerry Crasnick of believes the Mets will send a low-salary pitcher to the Angels, who will pay a majority of the $24 million due to Matthews the next two seasons.

Updated at 11:02 am:

…i have to think, or at least i hope, there is more to this trade than just sending a random player to the Angels for matthews, who will probably only cost the Mets a few million dollars…

…yes, if that is how this things end up, it is totally unacceptable, especially if gary is given the starting job over pagan, who is the better player of the two… but, i’m going to hold off judgment until the team makes some sort of announcement, stating exactly how things transpired…

…i mean, if this is part of some fancy three-way deal, in which matthews ends up some place else, and the Mets get a starting pitcher, and free up money to sign a new second baseman, etc., who knows, maybe it ends up being brilliant… or, it is what it is and will be a total disaster… i’m going to wait and see

Updated at 10:58 am:

there are people in baseball who believe this must be part of a three-team deal, maybe eventually leading to some sort of move with the Reds, and Orlando Hudson, but that is all speculation

…yes, this is the news i was alluding to this morning

Updated at 10:44 am:

…the people i talk with, in the organization and connected to the team, are being very quiet, which leads me to believe there is more to this deal than just the Mets getting matthews

Original Post at 10:38 am:

The Mets are acquiring Gary Matthews Jr. from the Angels, according to Jon Heyman at

In an appearance on WFAN, Heyman said the Angels might be paying up to $20 million of the $24 million due to Matthews during the next two seasons.

In addition, according to an AL source, the Angels are not getting Luis Castillo. Instead, Heyman speculates a low-level minor-leaguer or relief pitcher will go from the Mets to Anaheim.

The last two seasons, Matthews hit around .245 with roughly six or so HR, 45 RBI and missed several games due to ankle, back and hamstring injuries.

He has been a center field throughout most of his career, also playing both corner outfield positions.

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