Saturday, January 2, 2010

Movie Review – Star Trek: Insurrection

Director : Jonathan Frakes
Cast : Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, F Murray Abraham, Donna Murphy, et al.
Censorship Rating : PG
Target Audience : Trekkies, sci-fi
Length : 110 Minutes
Synopsis: When the Enterprise crew arrives to determine the reason behind a malfunctioning Commander Data, they uncover a plan to forcibly relocate a planet’s population in order to harvest a valuable commodity: the elixir of youth. Picard and his crew are all that stands between Starfleet and the annihilation of an entire world.
Review : Daring, yet ultimately dull, Trek franchise entry, with Picard going for a romantic-lite journey and discovering a “perfect moment” along the way. Solid direction cannot overcome a sloppy, mixed-messages screenplay, although the cast do their utmost with the material they have been given. F Murray Abraham overacts badly, hamstringing the emotional weight of the conflict at hand.
Our Rating : 5/10 Hmm. Average.

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