Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pants on the Ground from YouTube to NFL, it definitely looks like the “Pants on the Ground” song is going to be around for a very long time yet. And it all started, when 63-year old General Larry Platt appeared on the Atlanta auditions of “American Idol” season 9.

Since then, it’s gone viral on YouTube, been sung by many different people including Jimmy Fallon and Brett Favre after the Vikings NFL win, and now it appears to have been performed on “The View” as well, so there is really no escaping it.

According to, the song just appears to be making its rounds everywhere. As I just mentioned, after the Minnesota Vikings won against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, Brett decided to celebrate with a “Pants on the Ground” chant.

And on Monday, General Larry Platt, who looked like he had undergone a makeover, appeared on “The View” to perform his now hugely popular song. Platt told “The View” that he got a thrill from seeing his “Idol” audition on television.

Fans of “Pants on the Ground” can not only watch the video again and again on UTube now, but they can also choose to wear a “Pants on the Ground” t-shirt as well if they like. Yes that’s right; Larry Platt t-shirts are available now too.

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