Saturday, January 2, 2010

Paula Abdul “The X Factor” America Judge

Paula Abdul could get the last laugh on American Idol bosses when she joins Simon Cowell as a judge on the buzzed-about US version of the entertainment titan’s UK talent show, The X Factor.

Paula Abdul Judge On American X Factor

According to the Jan. 11 issue of GLOBE, the word from TV industry insiders claims Cowell will leave Idol in May and launch his wildly-popular Brtish singing competition with ousted A.I. favorite Paula Adbul appearing as a judge on the new program.

As you’ll likely recall, comedienne Ellen DeGeneres replaced Paula Abdul as a judge on America’s highest-rated show after contract negotiations broke down between the former pop star and series producers in September.

Unlike American Idol, four X Factor judges choose their favorite singers and coach them throughout the season, hoping their guy or girl will become the final crooner standing at the end of the season. The show shot former Pizza Hut waitress Leona Lewis to the top of the charts in 2006.

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