Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Watch Colts vs Jets Online (FREE VIDEO)

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The Indianapolis Colts will take on the New York Jets in the AFC Championship Game 2010.
http://thenextreporter.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/afc-championship-300x195.jpgThis would be the Colts and Jets second meeting in four weeks. The winner of the today’s AFC Championship Game will go to the Super Bowl XLIV in Miami Gardens, Fla.
If the Colts will win this game, this marks their second appearance in the Super Bowl in four years.
On the other hand, the Jets will also do their best to win this championship game as they are the NFL’s top defensive team and the best rushing attack.
According to Colts head coach Jim Caldwell, both teams will be a little different than their last meeting in Week 16.
“Everything changes, it really does,” Caldwell said. “I think teams get better and better. Hopefully, we’re a little bit better team than we were at that time, and I don’t have any question in my mind that they are a better football team than they were.”
The AFC Championship Game 2010 is also a battle of coaches between Colt’s Jim Caldwell and Jets’ Rex Ryan as both are considered the most successful rookie head coaches in the history of NFL.
Watch Colts vs. Jets AFC Championship 2010 game live here.  Game time starts at 3:00pm ET.
source : http://thenextreporter.com/jg/watch-colts-vs-jets-in-afc-championship-game-2010-free-online-video/084592/

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