Sunday, February 7, 2010

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 This is a very sad and shocking tragedy concerning Bob Fratta and Farah Fratta. In 1994 Farah was submitting divorce proceedings against her husband Bob Fratta and he grew extremely agitated over it.
Because of this that he hatched a want to have Farah killed because if he could not have her, nobody else also should not have Farah.
Farah Baquer Fratta was described by those that knew her as a loving mom of three small children. Farah was 33 years of age when she was fatally shot after she parked her car inside the garage. Neighbors within the vicinity saw the shooter run from the her home.
 Bob was an employee of Public Safety in Missouri City. The city ran a dual office for police and fire department where Bob worked. Bob and Farah had three children during their years as a married couple. The name of their children were Amber, Daniel and Bradley.
I am still trying to get more details for this. If you know the date, please post the solution below. Bob is currently on death row. His trial must be held again in 2007.
The facts continue to be emerging.

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