Sunday, February 7, 2010

Five People Killing America

The beauty of American democracy is that regardless of how many people want to see things change, there are a handful of people that not only hold humanity back but manage to make it worse in order to get that one thing that they really want. If you have ever wondered why the everything sucks and everyone is an idiot, look no further than these folks.
He shoots his friends. Imagine what he'll do to his country.
5) Dick Cheney
If a conservative believes in fiscal responsibility and personal freedom then Cheney is as much of a conservative as Joseph Stalin.
While most of us see books like 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 as a warning of what could happen if we elect the wrong leaders (cough, cough), Dick Cheney sees them as instruction manuals.  Two wars that cost trillions of dollars one against a country that never attacked the United States is just the beginning.  Shredding the US bill of Rights and Constitution with the USA PATRIOT ACT, and “counter-terrorism” policies that resulted in the wiretapping of all Americans and the suspension of several constitutional amendments, Cheney and the Bush Administration could not have left this country in a worse condition.  We’d be in easier clean up  if he had instead turned the whole place into  McDonald’s after two months of free dollar menu and no clean up crew.
4) The Clintons
While the Bush Administration set the high score on the presidential screw-up machine, the Clinton Administration is in the top five. Although people always talk about how great the economy was under Clinton, they don’t realize that he is also the reason that the economy is as bad as it is today.
From picking lifelong bankers to run the country’s economy, to helping the Congressional Republicans deregulate almost all industries to signing bills that allowed the previously illegal practices that got us into the cash storm that we are in now.  Sure, we all know Bill got some head while president, but did he have to bang the U.S. (and “us” – pun intended) in the behind too.
3) Glenn Beck
Just when you thought Fox News could not possibly get more ridiculous they stole Glenn Beck from that other CNN channel that no one watches, and turned him into one of the most recognizable douchebag crying faces in the country.
The result? We now have millions of people who think that our President was born in Africa and is in fact not a citizen – Birthers, the healthcare bill will kill off all the old people (complete falacy, but even so, I still don’t see why people see that as a negative), and the complete insanity that our current president is worse than our last president even though the only thing that separates them is “party affiliation, race, and probably penis size.”  I don;t know Glenn, don’t sell Bush “short.”  We’ve heard he was quite the master with the ladies – he certainly did the country hard.
2) Nancy Pelosi
This is like a bad movie script, but somehow a woman that shouldn’t have been elected to the Kindergarten Parent Teacher Association wound up Speaker of The House, when the Democrats won back the Congress.  Since then, the “Champion Reformer” has managed to seldom ever take a position on anything. Though she still sounds like a true liberal she has managed to support most of the Bush-era policies and has been a non-entity since Barack Obama came into office, largely because reform has become a non-entity since Barack Obama came into office.  She doesn’t care an iota about the country.  She cares about two things – Keeping her power and getting more – and she seems willing to screw the american people around every corner in the pursuit of either.
1) Rush Limbaugh
No one with less intelligence and talent has set this country back further than this obese drug addict, daytime radio host. As head of the “Conservative” propaganda machine, Rush has managed to help the Republicans win back Congress in the nineties which resulted in the overly uptight and freedom smashing “Christian nation” concept which indirectly led to most of the issues over the past 20 years, including the broken economy.  He helped Bush II win both of his elections which has resulted in…well…a country in which a person like Sarah Palin can make a serious run at the presidency.  Rush is single handedly responsible for neutering American intelligence, reducing the christian opinion to, “Well if that’s what Rush says God thinks – OK – We’ll support it – Oh it goes contrary to everything in the constitution – well it must be God’s will.”
Still worse though is his own hypocritical and Cafeteria Christian morality.  Rush makes sure he takes advantage of each of the 7 Deadly sins on a regular basis.  Gluttony, Pride, Lust . . . pharmaceutical-fueled tirades against minorities (Oh wait that’s number 8.)   This blowhard has become the Joseph Goebbels of the Republican Party.
BUT WAIT!  There’s more . . !
Honorable Mention – Barack Obama
Despite “Change!” and “Yes We Can”, Barack Obama’s first year in office has resulted in nothing.
While this would have been a welcome scenario under Bush (Oh if only we could have just done nothing for 8 years), you can’t spend two years talking about all these things you are going to do, win a miraculous election, inherit a broken country, and spend the next year sitting around with your thumb up your behind hiding behind, “These are not situations that we created, these are situations we inherited.”  Sorry Mr. President  either way, we’re sinking in quicksand quickly, and you’re starring at two piles of rope  deciding which one to save us with – Do Something!!
There are two reasons that Obama did not make the actual list. One is because the guy still has three to seven years to make things better (get out of the Honorable Mention Slot) or screw things up (and push someone else off the list.)
Although, with his popularity during the election, he has the power to completely screw America by disillusioning the masses to politics.  Maybe the lesson that ruins America for good will come from this charismatic “talk a lot, do nothing will be: Don’t believe in politicians, they’ll all screw you in the end – pun intended.

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