Wednesday, February 17, 2010

John Salmons being traded, not playing tonight

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Bulls management has told Salmons to remain at team hotel as it works to finalize a trade. Won't play vs. Knicks.

Any thoughts on where he might be headed?   We've heard very little about where Salmons might be headed, so it's hard to speculate.   Orlando for JJ Reddick? [dare to dream].

The deal is almost certainly netting the Bulls an expiring contract in return for Salmons.  That locks the Bulls into 2010 max cap space without having to fear for his option.  Odds are the Bulls won't get a real usable player back, but one can hope.

This will likely be a trade about the future and not the present.   I think the Bulls will miss Salmons personally.   He hasn't been great this season, but he's a lot better than Pargo or Brown who will replace him.   The Bulls do have games where Salmons carries a decent scoring load for them, and they don't have anyone who's likely to step up and fill that void given their lack of scorers.

Still, you don't let John Salmons hold the franchise's future hostage with his player option even if it costs you a couple games this year.   Assuming a trade of Salmons for crap that expires, I say nice deal.

The only real question to me is whether or not the Bulls had to pay draft picks in order to get a team to take Salmons.  I'd hope not.   I don't think his salary is bad for his productivity, and if we weren't playing 2010 then I wouldn't be looking to move him.  Hopefully the Bulls found a team who feels the same way.

edit ---- Two of my ideas are killed.
JJ Reddick checked in, so he's not in the deal.
Roger Mason checked in, so he's not in the deal.

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