Sunday, February 7, 2010

runaway jury | runaway jury john cusack married, runaway jury a time to kill, the graduate

runaway jury | runaway jury john cusack married, runaway jury a time to kill, the graduate, runaway jury gene hackman, runaway jury a time to kill movie.
SHORT REVIEW: A brilliant and original story wrapped up in an ugly and overt Hollywood agenda. It's like Katherine Zeta Jones allowing her make-up to be done by Tammy Faye Baker.
This is a film adapted from a John Grisham novel. I haven't read the novel, but I will shortly and I doubt seriously that the novel was loaded with such a liberal agenda. Basically, the plot is this: a wrongful death civil suit is filed against a gun company for manufacturing a gun that killed eleven people. Let me rephrase that; for manufacturing a gun that was used in eleven murders. The two lawyers fight tooth and nail during jury selection for the "right" jurors, until a very clever twist is thrown in. Considering the unoriginal drivel Hollywood is pumping out, this original plot line should be viewed, cherished and held on to like the last open lifeboat seat on Titanic. Only because it was made in Hollywood did I know how the film would end, but I was not sure how it would get there. Thus, the reason why I now want to read the novel, as I would guess it is infinitely more interesting.

While watching, however, I was able to get a valuable piece of information about Hollywood agenda movies such as this. If you suspect you are watching a movie with an agenda, look for a scene I have recently dubbed the "off the record" or "behind closed door" scene. The scene always involves the antagonist(s), usually white men, effectively admitting they know they are evil but choose to do so anyway...usually for money. If you see this scene in a film AND you disagree with the premise they are "admitting" to, then you are watching a Hollywood agenda movie. In this case, Gene Hackman is in a board room with several gun manufacturers (all old white men) discussing his fee for legal services. While griping about his fee, the men are reminded by Hackman of all the gun death statistics in the US and how evil they all are. The men effectively admit as much and agree to Hackman's fee. BOOM! There's your agenda. Another example: Wall Street. Old, white antagonist Gordon Gekko pulls Bud Fox into his office after both are looking at insider trading indictments. Gekko, who has made MONEY off investments, tells Fox that the American economy is a "zero-sum game" and someone always loses. Meanwhile, those viewers who actually studied economics know this is a ridiculous pretense and realize we have just been hit with another Hollywood agenda. Classic.

If you keep that in mind, however, you should enjoy this film. If for no other reason, for the kick you'll get watching Dustin Hoffman's southern accent fade in and out like your car's AM radio signal going through a tunnel.

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