Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dirty Thunderstorms - Volcano Eruption in Iceland

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 Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland has continuing to gather our attention. The massive plume of ash which has covered practically complete western and northern Europe has made a whole lot of troubles to passengers and air site visitors landing down the most of plane flights more than the Europe.
But it still continues to send a large amounts of ash to the air and photographers managed to catch a uncommon phenomenon a “dirty thunderstorm” which follows the eruption.
It is actually incredible and also scary to see individuals photos exactly where boiling stones and plenty of powerful and shiny thunders are “dancing” and all that factor is followed by dark plume of ash.
It’s not entirely clear what is the real cause of such thunderstorms but scientists think that they might be triggered by ice particles mixed with volcanic ash and lava. As you can see from pictures, people “dirty thunderstorms” are fairly intensive and at this moment the eruption ofEyjafjallajokull volcano has took an apocaliptic look contemplating the fact that it brought on the breakdown of whole air visitors system for practically a week and we don’t know when it’s heading to end.
Image taken from : Vilhelm Gunnarsson / EPA

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