Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mark Critz American Politician and Congressman

Mark Critz born 5 January 1962 an American politician and congressman elected to Pennsylvania’s 12 Congress district. Critz was born and raised in Irwin, Pennsylvania, Westmoreland County. He was regional director for U.S. Representative John Murtha. Critz will be GOP nominee Tim Burns in November 2010. Critz be sworn in as early as Thursday, May 20.

Mark Critz

Mark Critz has turned Republican Tim Burns in a contest to fill the last couple of months into the term of the late Rep. As Director of Economic Development for Congress Jack Murtha, worked Mark Critz to create jobs and struggled to secure western Pennsylvania had its rightful share. In Congress, the Mark Critz make jobs his top priority.

Mark Critz on his extraordinary victory. The voters in this election replied Mark Critz commitment to provide independent leadership that puts Pennsylvania jobs first. Critz announced 22 February 2010 that he would resign his position with the 12th Congressional District and will seek Democratic nomination to run in a special election held on the 18th May 2010.

Mark Critz

Mark Critz is a strong Democrat that will continue late Congressman John Murtha work in Congress for creating quality jobs and opportunities for hardworking Pennsylvanian and their families. The last chapter in this year’s election is far from written. “I wish to extend my thanks to Congressman elected Critz.

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