Monday, October 18, 2010

Aly Michalka Has “Fearlessness” for ‘Hellcats’

Former Disney star Aly Michalka has been popping up everywhere lately and has now stuck her landing in the hit CW show, Hellcats! But, just like her sister AJ Michalka, Aly has also been hard at work on her film career as well as music.
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Aly not only is working on her new album with AJ for 78violet, but can also be seen in theaters in Easy A with Emma Stone and on TV in Hellcats with Ashley Tisdale.
“It takes a certain amount of focus and fearlessness to be involved in that sport,” 21-year-old Aly told Entertainment Tonight.
Aly didn’t have any formal training as a cheerleader, but her mother did cheer for the Rams, Raiders and UCLA “so I definitely have some legit blood in me.”
Even though Aly is conquering her fears in Hellcats, she doesn’t have any rivalry with her sister AJ who can be seen on the big screen in Secretariat.
“We go out for the same parts every once in awhile, and that we kind of laugh about because we’re completely different people,” Aly explained. “Even if [one of us did land it], I think we would be super supportive of each other, because if I want anybody else to book a role that’s not me, I want it to be AJ.”
The sisters are still working together on their music, but they’ve ditched their previous “Aly & AJ” name.
“We’re women now and we’re growing up,” 19-year-old AJ said. “It was time for a change.”
“Our sound is changing, and the changes that are happening are natural and it’s been a slow progression,” Aly explained and the girls have switched names to 78violet.
“Purple and violet have been a huge part of out lives — it’s a really powerful color. … 78 stands for platinum in the periodic table of elements,” Aly said. “The definition of platinum means that no substance can corrode it, and I was like, ‘Dude, that’s our relationship. We cannot be corroded. Our relationship as sisters is unstoppable.”
And that certainly seems to be true!

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