Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chilean Miners Rescue Live: Chilean Flag Mistaken For Texas Flag

Chilean Flag
In the story of the Chilean Miners Rescue, shown live on CNN, you know the State of Texas is watching because they're mistaking the Chilean Flag for the Texas Flag.
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On CNN's live stream, the Chilean Flag is displayed in the miners lair over 2,000 feet below the Earth's surface, above ground, and it seems everywhere you look on television.

In San Antonio, Texas, they think it's the Texas Flag.

Texas Flag
The only difference between the Chilean Flag and The Texas Flag is the blue that is in the top left of the Chilean Flag runs all the way down the Texas flag. That's the only difference.

Tell that to Atascosa County absentee voters, who have made the mistake for years according to My San Antonio.com:

Election officials recently learned that small instructional inserts in the county's absentee ballot packets were stamped with an illustration of the wrong flag.

Just below the words “Make Your Vote Count,” there it was: not the proud red, white and blue of the Lone Star State, but the strikingly similar Chilean flag.

Judging from the Goggle searches for Texas Flag during the time of the Chilean Miners Rescue Live, it seems Texans are still making the mistake. Someone's looking to learn what involvement, if any, Texas had in the Chilean Miners Rescue. The State of Texas had no official role, but according to CNN International, there was a Texas company involved in the creation of the drill.

Drillers Supply International

Greg Hall's, who was part of the team that supplied the drill, is from a Houston, Texas company called Drillers Supply International. According to Fox Houston.com, Drillers Supply International developed the plan and formed the crew to dig a hole wide enough to get the capsule into and bring the miners to Earth.
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