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Watch Strangers On A Train

Strangers On A Train:Strangers on a Train is a 1951 American film studio Warner Bros. It was produced and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Cast: Farley Granger, Ruth Roman, Robert Walker, Leo G. Carroll, Patricia Hitchcock and Laura Elliott.
The film is based on a novel by the same name by Patricia Highsmith, who also wrote The Talented Mr. Ripley.
This film is number 32 on the 100 years AFI’s … 100 thrills.
Amateur tennis star Guy Haines (Farley Granger) wants to divorce his vulgar and incorrect wife Miriam (Laura Elliott), so that he can marry the woman he loves, elegant and beautiful Anne Morton (Ruth Roman), daughter of Senator (Leo G . Carroll). While on the train to meet Miriam Hines meets Bruno Anthony (Robert Walker), forward a stranger who admits Guy from gossip items in the newspapers and know about his family problems. During lunch in a compartment of Bruno, Bruno says Guy about his idea of a perfect murder (s): he would kill Miriam, and in exchange, Guy will kill Bruno’s father. Criss-cross, “he says. As strangers, or linked, there is no identifiable motive for the crime, Bruno argues, therefore, there is no suspicion. Guy hastily leaves office, but leaves the Bruno’s thinking that he agreed to the deal. A guy accidentally leaves behind his lighter, a gift from Anna to the guy who Bruno pockets.
Bruno heads to his hometown of Guy Metcalfe and follows Miriam and her two gentlemen in an amusement park, where he briefly illuminates the face of Guy’s lighter, then strangling her to death. Guy problems begin when his alibi – drunk college professor on the same train as the guy – I do not remember their meeting. But they increase exponentially when Bruno makes repeated appearances in the lives of Guy, as he seeks to remind the guy that he is now obliged to kill Bruno’s father, according to the deal, he thinks they hit the train.
Bruno Guy sends the keys to his house, a map in the father’s room and a pistol. Shortly thereafter, Bruno appears at a party in the house of Senator Morton and hobknobs with guests, to the fears of Guy and Anna raise suspicion. He demonstrates how to strangle people, preventing them from screaming: arms about his neck, “Assistant” Bruno looks up and sees Barbara’s younger sister Anne (Patricia Hitchcock). Her glasses and a resemblance to Miriam trigger memories for Bruno to kill Miriam, and he loses control of himself and begins to strangle his subject in earnest. After a while he loses consciousness, and was frightened partyguests pull it off with a hysterical woman. Young Barbara rushes to her sister and tells her: “His hands were around his neck, but he was strangling me.” This is Anna who collects the facts of crime, and after she confronted the guy, he finally admits the truth.
Guy finally agrees to a plan by Bruno on the phone and crawled to the house of Bruno at night. When he reaches the father’s room, he tries to warn the old man’s intentions Bruno, but he is Bruno, who is actually waiting for him, knowing that a sudden change of heart Guy would like to invite betrayal. Bruno says the guy who, because he did not complete its part of the deal he should be charged with murder, who “belongs” to him – so he will frame a guy for the murder of Miriam.
Anne visits home of Bruno to tell his mother (Marion Lorne), that her son is responsible for the death of a woman. Bruno’s mother did not think Anna does not understand how dangerous it is her son. Bruno overhears the conversation and lets Anne know that it is lighter and plans to put him at the crime scene during the night to draw Guy. Ann Guy, and two reports to develop a plan to beat Guy Bruno at the crime scene after he finished a tennis match, it would be too suspicious to cancel it.
Guy wins a tennis match, but takes much longer than expected, Bruno is also a delay when he falls Guy easier down storm drain and must restore it through sheer willpower, arms stretched out in the sewer. A guy comes into the park, while Bruno is still waiting for the sunset. Two men fighting on the carousel, which spins out of control and crashes after its operator accidentally hit by a bullet police shooting at fleeing Guy. Bruno fatally injured in an accident, but still noise to the police that the guy is guilty, only to meet with his deserts at the last moment of his life. When he dies the police chief said, clutching a lighter Bruno, who finally frees Guy. Amusement park worker who remembered the previous visit, Bruno confirmed that Bruno was actually the killer.
Guy and Anne see reunited on a train home, free from the influence of Bruno and secure in their future together. Man sitting next to them asked the guy if he is Guy Haines. The guy begins to respond, but remembering this is the way Bruno began his fateful conversation changes his mind and quickly left the office with Ann, resulting in a man, who happens to be a priest, perplexed.

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