Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Letterman Extortionist Uses Tiger Woods Defense

It’s the old Tiger Defense: The TV producer accused of shaking down David Letterman about his affairs with Late Show employees is drawing on the Tiger Woods sex scandal as part of his defense.

In court papers filed Tuesday in Manhattan, an attorney for former 48 Hours producer Robert “Joe” Halderman cites published reports that Woods paid an alleged mistress to remain silent.

Halderman’s lawyer said his client simply had valuable information and wanted to get paid for it in the same manner that several women involved in the Woods sex scandal have been.

“Uchitel, Allred and (wife Elin)Nordegrin are being prosecuted because they acted in accordance with a set of basic commercial realities; their behavior was capitalist, not criminal,” Halderman’s legal team says in the court documents.

Prosecutors accuse Halderman, 52, of trying to shake down the married late night comic for $2 million to keep embarrassing info about the late night comic’s personal life private. The producer was previously romantically-linked to one of Letterman’s former mistresses. Halderman’s defense lawyer claims his client was simply shopping a screenplay.

If convicted, Halderman faces 15 years in jail.

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