Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tiger Woods Rehab?

Troubled golfer Tiger Woods

has reportedly checked into a suburban Phoenix treatment facility for sex adddiction.

The world’s No.1-ranked golfer has entered the posh and upscale Cottonwood de Tuscon Center one month after his public image was shattered by a sex scandal linking Woods to more than a dozen women aside from his wife of five years, Elin, X17 Online claims.

“He has been there for a few days since his handlers forced him to enter the program. They feel that if he blames his cheating on addiction, the public will forgive him,” a source told X17 Online Tuesday.

The source explains that “Tiger wants to get back on top. He agreed to put golfing on hold so he could show the world how badly he feels about what he’s done and to prove that he wants to correct the problems that led to his infidelity.”

In related news, an explosive new report today painted a disturbing picture of the night that Tiger crashed his car outside his family’ Windemere, Florida home — but the golfer’s agent insist the story is an “Internet hoax.”

According to the account, written by famed sports columnist Furman Bisher, doctors at the hospital allegedly told Tiger that he had to fly to Phoenix to meet with a plastic surgeon for reconstructive surgery on his face — which is why Tiger didn’t meet with police directly after the accident. Bisher claims to have heard the blow-by-blow account from an IMG agent who works with Steinberg.


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