Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Zeo Sleep Monitor

The millions of sleep-deprived Americans can now learn more about their sleep, from the comfort of their own home and bed with the Zeo Sleep Monitor.


The Zeo Sleep Monitor is an alarm clock that records signals from your brain with a headband. It then takes those signals and in the morning creates a chart depicting your sleep from the night before. The chart shows the amount of time you spent in REM cycles, light sleep and deep sleep. It even creates your own personal sleep score, your ZQ.

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If getting up in the morning is hard, the SmartWake alarm system can make that easier. When SmartWake is selected, the Zeo Sleep Monitor will find a time to wake you, within a half hour of your set time, when your sleep is lighter. This helps avoid the grogginess associated with waking from a deep sleep.

The alarm clock retains your sleep information for up to two weeks and gives comparative information for last night’s sleep compared to previous nights. All your sleep information in the bedside display can be stored on a basic SD card, then transferred to the myZeo personal coaching Web site.

At the myZeo personal coaching Web site trends in your sleep can be spotted. Other online tools, such as the Zeo Sleep Journal, create opportunities to track environmental and lifestyle factors affecting your sleep. The 7 Step Sleep Fitness Program will guide you in created customized strategies to get a better night’s sleep.

The Zeo Sleep Monitor was created by a group of sleep-deprived college kids at Brown University.

Written by Sharalyn Hartwell


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