Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Cosmo Hit for Scott Brown Centerfold you want to have goals to be a politician, so prepare early. Organize your life with good and right, so there is no gap at all for your political opponents to attack you from this side. Lately more and more acts or scandalous past a stumbling block for someone to become government officials.

Latest cases occurred in Scott Brown’s Centerfold. Back in the 80’s politician Scott Brown posed for a centerfold photo. Like many things that you think are long gone, this action has turned around and has come back to haunt the Senate hopeful. For those that think that the photo probably wasn’t all that racy because it wasn’t featured in something such as “Playgirl” will be shocked to see the picture.

The photo was all but nude - although you couldn’t see “anything”, it still left little to the imagination. You can view the centerfold here, but be warned it’s NSFW. Of course, if this were a female political candidate this would be a HUGE scandal. However, the biggest thing that Brown’s opponent is concerned about is the lack of health insurance that he gives to his staffers.

In Brown’s defense, health insurance is expensive. On the other hand, it’s a little silly to run on a political ticket during one of the biggest pushes to universal healthcare - and not even offer it to your staffers. Of course, at least he is Republican. A Democrat in the same position would be a little sacrilegious.

That being said, Scott Brown’s failure to provide his campaign workers insurance and Martha Coakley’s (the Democratic ticketholder) desire for healthcare reform shows just how divided the country is over healthcare.

At least the Scott Brown centerfold is a distraction from the arguments at hand. Sometimes all people want to know about is gossip. Politics as usual will keep raging on forever. IT’s rare that a man would be caught up in this type of scandal - it’s usually women who pose for these types of photographs.

That being said, is the photo really that big an issue? Will it affect the polls? Most likely if Brown gets voted in to office, it won’t be because of his Cosmo spread. He will get voted in because people in his state are tired of the healthcare reform and don’t want a bill passed any time soon.

According to the Washington Examiner, Brown leads Coakely in the polls by 5 points, which indicates that the Democratic candidate may be “destined to lose.” With the elections days away, Washington is watching this race very closely. If she loses, it will d a very powerful message to the Democratic party.

Mid-term elections are going to take place this year, and so Washington is working tirelessly to pass health care reform before a group of new officials are in office.

If the Scott Brown centerfold was introduced into the media in order to hurt his character, it doesn’t look like it is working, but only time will tell.

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