Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hayden Panettiere Sees Red, Ends Klitschko Vacation

We're not sure what made Hayden Panettiere dye her trademark blonde locks red. No one is. But the 'Heroes' star clearly felt a need to transform herself following a full month in Miami with boxer beau Wladimir Klitschko. In other news, Chinese anti-hero Zhang Xuping was sentenced to death for killing a corrupt local official. (How's that for a transition.) And you're still hungry for Heidi Montag before-and-after pics. We don't blame you. This is What You're Searching For Today...

Hayden Panettiere Red Hair – The 20-year-old 'Heroes' star wields a deck full of wild cards. You never know when she'll go surfing with/saving dolphins, stamp an incorrectly spelled tattooWladimir Klitschko came to an end, and the blondie was no longer a blondie. Spotted by paps at Miami airport, Panettiere has apparently dyed her hair red.
on her flank, or hide away with a multi-lingual 6-foot-6 boxer who's old enough to be her daddy (almost). On Wednesday, Panettiere's month-long Miami vacation with boyfriend

Heidi Montag Before and After – "If I were addicted [to plastic surgery]," Heidi told 'Good Morning America' on Tuesday, "I would have had ten plastic surgeries." She did have ten plastic surgeries, host JuJu Chang reminded her. Earlier this week we showed you what she looks like after going under the knife in December. We showed you the before-and-after pics. And apparently you believe (overwhelmingly) that Heidi lied when she said she almost died while undergoing the procedures. This story just won't die. And we're not so sure it should. If Franken-Heidi can't live forever, we're not sure who can.

Zhang Xuping – The 19-year-old Chinese villager killed corrupt local Communist Party official Li Shiming in Sept. 2008. Zhang stabbed his victim in the heart for the sum of $146 paid by a farmer who'd been routinely abused by Li. Last week, despite a clamorous uproar for leniency by thousands who had been victimized by the official, Zhang Xuping was sentenced to death. China's state media has yet to report on the court's ruling, indicating the government has ordered a media blackout on the case.
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