Friday, January 8, 2010

Timothy Hendron, Alleged ABB Shooter Hendron was introduced to humanity today because of his involvement in the shooting at ABB. As time goes by since the inception of this crime early this morning we find more information including information about Timothy Hendron. Hendron was suspected of being the shooter at ABB and killing one person. Now it seems Timothy Hendron has killed three people.

Edecio Martinez has posted an article on Crimesider from CBS titled “Abb Shooting: Police Say Timothy Hendron Killed 3 Abb St. Louis Shooting.”

At first we were told that one person was killed and four were injured. Since that time two more have died for a total of three and five others have been wounded.

The authorities are still checking inside ABB for victims.

There is some possibility that Timothy Hendron is among the dead. However, authorities will not say if he has been found.

In doing further research however, according to Fox News it seems that there is a good chance that Hendron, 51, is among the dead and in fact has killed himself.

The police will not release the names of any of the deceased pending notification.

As is often the case neighbors of Hendron are in shock and upset. In fact they are so stunned they are worried that the police are after the wrong man.

Hendron was part of a class-action lawsuit having to do with pension money.

It was clarified that when Hendron started shooting, if it was Hendron, he was coming to work.

I remember when there was a strike in our town by a major firm. People do go to work and of course when they cross the picket line they are referred to as “scabs.”

The interesting thing is why there are no reports of murder so to speak, there are reports of large nails being dumped near peoples’ homes who dare cross the picket line and it doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to mentally see a killing. People believe that their job should be theirs no matter what they do.

If it is Hendron who did the shooting it will be hard to know what “broke him.” He apparently had a son and wife and nice home.

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