Friday, January 15, 2010

Venezuela Earthquake 2010

After Okhlahoma, it is the turn of Venezuela to get hit by a quake. An earthquake registering 5.6 of magnitude shock on the Richter’s scale hit Venezuela’s Sucre state today.

Preliminary reports point out that the physical damage has been minimal so far and no victims have been reported. The area of focus for Venezuela earthquake 2010 centered for about 375 km with a depth of 11.7 km. in the east capital of Caracas. This matter of fact report is actually from the U.S. Geological Survey and not Venezuela state institute. The incident is supposed to have occurred at 1600 hrs GMT.

CNN was one of the first channels to shift focus on Haiti from their regular scheduled programming and this time too I was expecting them to show more. But since not much damage or any loss of life has been reported, there is not much to show yet.

I am keeping my ears to the ground and if any updates come out, I will let you know. However if you know of any development, please post below. Thanks.

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