Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Daily Link Roundup

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Fringe’s, Anna Torv, gets sexy for Esquire (Esquire)
Bill Simmons’s running diary from Super Bowl XLIV (ESPN)
GQ’s Mila Kunis outtakes are still hot (CelebJihad)
Before you spend on Valentine’s gifts, check out this dude glossary guide for buying jewelry (Primer Magazine)
Megan Fox used a thumb double in her Super Bowl ad (New York Magazine)
Who doesn’t love obscure baseball pitching records? (Ego TV)
7 things you probably didn’t know about condoms (Asylum)
6 Shockingly evil things babies are capable of (Cracked)
20 mistakes from James Bond movies (UnrealityMag)
Super Bowl advertisers think their TV spots are less effective than ever (All Things Digital)
E-Trade 2010 Super Bowl commercial will make you a milkaholic (RealTVAddict)

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