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Suzanne Somers : Whoopi Goldberg has vowed never to marry again, insisting it was “not meant to be married.”
The comedy has been married three times – her first marriage counselor drug Alvin Martin ended in 1979, she divorced David Claessen Film in 1988, and she was married to actor Il Trachtenberg for one year before they divorced in 1995.
Unions paid actress failed to move away from marriage for good, and she asked her friends to prevent them from ever if they announce plans to wed for the fourth time, because it is convinced that he will be doomed.
Says: “If you hear of any I ever anyone walking down the aisle again, I want you to stick your leg out and trip me. Some people are not meant to be married, and I do not intended to, and I’m sure it’s a wonderful thing for a lot of people. ”
Whoopi Goldberg and Suzanne Somers criticized after it was reported that Patrick Swayze has blamed the death on the treatment of chemotherapy.
Goldberg was angry after he learned that “Three’s Company” star, a survivor of breast cancer, and the correspondent told the Canadian Swayze can be extending his life if he had turned to alternative assistance instead of chemotherapy.
Summers said he told columnist Shinan Govani, “It took this man’s beautiful and they’re basically a poison to him, why can not they built him up in terms of nutritional and got rid of the toxins in the body?”
 suzanne somers playboy, suzanne somers age, bill o reilly, suzanne sommers, susan summers
Swayze in “Ghost” co-star took aim Somers on her talk show “The View on Wednesday, and said it represented” should know better. ”
Goldberg said: “If they do not know, Patrick has done everything and went everywhere to try to stay in good health, as long as it can.
“It’s been a week and went out with this statement is bad timing and bad taste and Susan, you know better, I’m not sure if this is not what you meant to do, but you should think about that.”
Summers has responded to the controversy on its official Web site, insisting they were not aware of their comments will be published.
She wrote: “In casual conversation in a special concert (with someone who identified himself as a reporter did not) in the Toronto International Film Festival last week, I was asked about this beloved actor. it was not my intention to make a formal statement about his death.
“I was not aware of or knowledgeable I was being interviewed. I would never have been so insensitive as to make a public statement is very close to his sudden death. I sincerely apologize if my comment cause any additional pain to his family during this difficult time. I send my deepest condolences for this loss. ”
Oscar-winner Whoopi Goldberg criticized the editors for his criticism of her wardrobe, and fashion writer described one bitch “unknown.”
The star is tired of attacks from the fashion police, who turned on actresscomedienne for casual wear costumes as a co-host the morning program “The View.”
When TV Guide writer Ingela Ratledge recently accused Goldberg of “looks like you’re ready to make a Costco run,” the star decided enough is enough.
Dedicated the last few minutes of last Friday to reach out to appear in a book magazine.
Ratledge bombing, says: “My style, I’m not on my clothes, and if left in a bag, I would still and always will be me, so you can kiss my ass.”
“To our young woman, Stacy Landon. Stacy, Tracy, whatever your name is, I do not need you to take me seriously, and I myself, I’ve always been myself, and you do not judge me by what I wear, you judge me what I’m saying” .
Goldberg and signed off the program by tearing her journal is also involved in hosting the tournament and cheered.
Whoopi Goldberg held back tears as she spoke of the disappointment that no part of the last Academy Awards salute the glory and her daily talk show “The View” on Monday.
Actress, who won the gold medal for “Ghost” in 1990 and hosted the Oscars, and out of editing of the great moments of the shows in the past, which ran throughout Sunday night at the Academy Awards ceremony.
Try to see the funny side of this omission, Goldberg joked: “Undoubtedly, I pissed someone off again.” reports that the generation Kitts, and show the largest producer, says in the site on Tuesday to leave Goldberg, who was “an inadvertent error absolute.”
“No harm was intended, and I feel very bad that were excluded,” said Kitts. “I’m going to call and tell her.”
Whoopi Goldberg has been confirmed that participated in the new host of ABC’s popular
Magazine show “The View.”
And comedienneactress turned radio broadcaster has been hired to replace the
Expressly Rosie O’Donnell in the program this morning, where a group of women discuss the latest topics and interview celebrities.
Goldberg has taken a series of guest appearances in the show during the 10-year run, the producers insist it was always the top choice.
O’Donnell quit displayed at the beginning of the summer after
A series of disagreements with co-hosts and producers.
Whoopi Goldberg has signed up to present her own morning radio show in an attempt to lure women away from morning television shows.
Oscar-winner will host the listeners after the conclusion of an agreement with the radio giant Clear Channel Communications to host “Wake Up with Whoopi”
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